Growing up in Kansas, I spent my days locked in my room creating and manipulating daydreams to music. I still love being in my make-believe domain . . . a place my husband now calls Patricia’s world but I’m thinking that he doesn’t always mean it in a good way, especially when he uses air quotes.

In my early twenties, I moved to Texas and preferred living the motto “fly by the seat of my pants.” New experiences thrilled me. However, I must say, being a naive young woman left me quite unprepared for things like the run-in I had with some Hell’s Angels women in a French Quarter’s restroom. Or the Madam that once tried to recruit me . . . In my defense, I really thought she had a nice son she wanted to set me up with. Sadly, my friends had to intervene and clue me in. Needless to say, being new to the real world fueled a lot of  rememberable “well I didn’t see that coming” incidents.

When I met my husband, an intelligence journeyman for the Air Force, I met my soul mate. And when he said those magic words every girl wants to hear, So you wanna?I answered with a “Yes” (I’m still shaking my head over that proposal), and he has provided me with many more of life’s precious firsts. Now after almost eighteen years of marriage and three children, we have settled in Colorado . . . for now.  

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