Thursday, April 24, 2014


What? You mean after I spent the last year (or two) perfecting my manuscript, I now face rejection emails?

Whose bright idea was that?

Truth is, it’s all part of the beast we call “getting published.” If we want to go traditional, that is.  And for my first novel, I want the time-honored gig. Why? Who knows? Maybe it’s a sick need to be validated by the industry. Of course I want an agent or publisher to say, “I believe in you.” Is that an outrageous thing to desire? I don’t think so.

Who am I to speak of how to get published? I’m not anyone; the journey is different for all of us no matter how many times we find ourselves in print.

I can declare how intense fright shakes your hands as they hover over the enter key when submitting to a contest or queries. The drop in your stomach when you hit the “hope you’ve done everything right cuz you’re never going to get this chance back” button. And the extreme need to cyber stalk yourself once you’ve been accepted.

Don’t get me started on how it feels when you can see your results as a contest progresses. Come on, I’m not the only crazy fiction writer in the world. You know you do it too!

Point is, we all have to start somewhere, so don’t let rejection hold you back. It just adds another layer of skin that you and I are going to need when our big day arrives. Let’s face it; rejection does one of two things, it can make us stronger, or it can break us apart.

Don’t let fear keep you on your couch in your bathrobe eating negative pie. Let rejection be the cattle prod zapping you into action. We all need improvement on our craft. That will never change.

What does change in the industry?

Us, if we’re lucky.