Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Can I say nipples?

The elusive sex scene…
Some make you blush, some make you cringe . . .and some simply do their job. They pull you into an intimate moment between two people you, as the reader, care for.

Friends of mine know it doesn’t take long for me to turn a normal conversation into something dirty. It's a gift. But in my writing, I like to ease, not thrust, you into a moment between two characters.

There are times where I like the woman’s point of view: I want you to imagine the slow, rhythmic pulse of her lover’s hunger when he consumes her, feel how she teeters at the urgency of his touch trailing between her legs, experience the fulfillment of when he covers her with the perfect amount of pressure.

Other times, I love the man’s point of view: I want you to sense how angry his skin is when his lover breaks contact, hear his excitement at her shallow moans begging for his touch, blush at his smile as her wishes conform to his desires, or witness how their fevered bodies seek each other out—

But a few weeks ago, I faced that nagging question: how far do I go?

When I finally wrote my first “open door” sex scene, my hands hovered over the keys for five minutes, but then I typed it…Nipples.

Now I realize there are far more explicit words than nipples. But it was the idea that I was going to go “all the way” with my characters that had me frozen. The point is, after all was said and done, it didn’t hurt. In fact, I giggled a little at my silliness.

In previous romantic scenes, I focused on the build up, the foreplay and then I shut the door and allowed the reader to take it from there. But for my latest novel, I felt more was needed—my male hero craved it. He wanted to prove how intensely he felt for his lover. How badly he desired to touch her. Hold her. Love her.

So in the end, the book ultimately chose, not me. I didn’t answer the question of how far; it was what the novel called for. It was what was right for the characters and essentially, what would submerge the reader into that intimate moment.

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