Monday, September 30, 2013

Homecoming dance of 2013
A Cinderella story

This weekend was homecoming for the local high school, in which our daughter attends. And I know she got up that morning feeling like Cinderella headed for the ball. 

Allow me to set the scene. "The Daughter" stumbled down the stairs only to be notified that it was weed pulling time. After the usual grumbles and grunts, she headed outside.

I, being the diligent author I am, pulled out the paper edits for my manuscript and settled down with a can of "writer's crack," AKA--Mountain Dew. Seconds later, I heard a scratching sound from the side window's screen. I ignored it. Then I heard, 

"Pssst. Mommy...Mommy. Can I have a break?"

I glanced at the clock---it had been three minutes since she started on her chore. During the next five minutes, she called the dogs over to the window to talk to them, asked me to "save her" and did some dramatic acting, in which she pretended to be attacked by some unseen forces. It's now been eight minutes.

She pleaded with me to rescue her. I refused. Then she noticed her father "rounding the corner." She ducked...a little too late. There was some yelling, some whining and then the fateful words echoed through the window.

"If you don't get your chores done, you will not be going to the dance."

So the moral of this story, **Be careful of what you wish for--for you will surely get it.**

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